Click Away 2019!

How is it already over??? I had so much fun getting to meet everyone and share my passion for photography with all that attended. You can continue to download the pre-class materials below and I will be adding editing videos and a gear list hopefully later this week.

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Silver Screen Portraits

Below, you can download the ebook that covers basic lighting setups as well as a black and white editing video and my black and white action!


Lights, Camera, Action: Simple Studio Portraits

Below, you can download the ebook that covers gear, studio setup, as well as basic lighting schemes.

The link has been updated to include a Watch-Me-Edit on one of the images from the boutique.

Beginner gear list:
Backdrop Stand
Light Stand

Keep in mind that in general, you do get what you pay for, but all of these items would be a quality intro setup at an affordable price point.