Stretching Legs and Pointing Toes... | Edmond, OK Photographer | Mine

...practice makes perfect for each pretty pose. We have a Degas board book for the girls with those words; it's one of my favorite lines in the book. Big Sis isn't the biggest fan of ballet, but she's still working her hardest. She came in and wanted to show me her stretched feet, and I was so proud of her. What's so special about pointed toes? You see...I used to be a ballet teacher and in ballet, you doing point stretch your feet. "Pointed toes" begins at the hip and extends past the end of the longest toe. It's not about curling your toes to the ground, but making a strong, long, beautiful line of the leg. Can you imagine how difficult that concept is for young ballet students? It's nearly impossible to convey. But this girl...she gets it...and I'm so proud of her. I'm proud of her for sticking with ballet through the end of the year even though she doesn't love it. I'm proud of her for working so hard on something that is difficult and "boring". I'm so proud of her.